Valentine's Day in Rome - 7 Romantic Places
Posted on February 5th, 2024
By Rome Travel Tips
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Posted on February 5th, 2024
By Rome Travel Tips
HolidaysThings to Do

Valentine’s Day in Rome – 7 Romantic Places to be in Love

To all the Rome-antics out there, get ready for the ultimate Valentine’s Day journey through Rome’s most romantic spots. From Gianicolo’s hilltop views to Monte Ciocci’s hidden haven, and stops at monumental Altare della Patria and the delectable NH Fori Imperiali, it’s a journey dripping with love, vistas, and stories to remember. So grab your Valentine, buckle up for an unforgettable ride, and let this eternal city inspire your love like never before!


Folks, hold on to your roses and chocolates because Valentine’s Day in Rome is a whole new level of amorous adventure. The Eternal City, with its timeless charm and passionate heart, becomes the perfect setting for a love story – your love story!

Rome is like that gorgeous love interest in a rom-com, always breathtaking and ready to sweep you off your feet with her magnetic charm. And when the day of love rolls around, Rome pulls out all the stops. The cobblestone streets seem to vibrate with excitement, and the air gets heavy with the scent of flowers and freshly baked pastries. Your Roman adventure somewhere amidst these cinematic scenes – whether taken by the twinkling lights of the Trastevere or by the whispers of the centuries-old monuments.

Are you ready to unravel Rome’s ultimate romantic hotspots? Buckle up because Cupid’s got his arrow poised and the city’s about to wear its heart on its sleeve.

Get ready: Here are 7 of the most romantic places in Rome for Valentine’s Day!

Wait! Before continuing, I guess you should learn how to dress properly for this special occasion! Check our “How to Dress in Rome” article!

The History of Valentine’s Day in Rome

Before we dive into the good stuff, let’s pay homage to the roots of Valentine’s Day. Did you know that the celebration of love has, quite fittingly, a Roman origin story? Yep, you heard it right, folks!

Saint Valentine, the patron saint of love for whom the holiday of Valentine’s Day is named, was a Roman priest back in the third century AD. The dude was pretty heroic, defying Emperor Claudius II’s ban on marriages and performing secret wedding ceremonies for young lovers – talk about a smooth operator!

Interestingly, February wasn’t always the month of love. However, the ancient Romans celebrated Lupercalia, a wild and whacky fertility festival, from the 13th to the 15th of February. In 496 AD, Pope Gelasius I decided to Christianize the pagan shenanigans by transforming it into St. Valentine’s Day. The rest, as they say, is history!

So, here we have it – a day dedicated to love, sprinkled with a hearty dose of rebellion and romance, all wrapped up in the history of our beloved Rome. Told you this city’s an expert at love stories!

Let’s carry this vibrant spirit of love and explore Rome’s most romantic spots, perfect for a Valentine’s Day rendezvous.

Stay tuned, this list is going to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside…trust me!

Valentine’s Day in Rome – Pincio: A Love Affair with a View

Let’s kick off this list of love-filled locations with a must-see spot that’ll have your heart all aflutter. Introducing, Pincio! This breathtaking vantage point offers some of the most stunning panoramic views of the Eternal City. You’re gonna love it there, I promise.

This hidden gem is found atop the Pincian Hill, nestled snugly behind Rome’s iconic Piazza del Popolo. As you climb the steps (which, fair warning, the climb might take some energy, but hey, consider it prep for those extra Valentine’s Day treats you’ll be indulging in), anticipation builds while you imagine the mesmerizing vista that awaits at the top. Boy, oh, boy does Pincio deliver!

From up there, you can gaze upon the sea of terracotta rooftops, ancient ruins, and domes that define Rome’s skyline. And just like that – bam! – Cupid’s arrow hits you right in the heart. But don’t worry, getting struck by Cupid has never been this pretty.

In my humble opinion, the best time to visit Pincio is just before sunset. You know, because what’s more romantic than watching the sun dip below the horizon as the city is bathed in warm, golden hues? Trust me, your boo will be super impressed.

As you bask in that lovey-dovey glow, you’ll find yourself surrounded by fellow romantics, some getting down on one knee (aww!), others capturing those picture-perfect moments #FortheGram, and many simply enjoying the serene beauty of it all. Pincio is truly one for the books!

Need a lovey-dovey tip? Why not surprise your sweetheart with a whimsical picnic on the terraced gardens, munching on delicious Italian bites while soaking in that jaw-dropping view? Bellissimo, right? You can thank me later.

With the city as your backdrop, you’re all set to experience Valentine’s Day à la Romaine – a memory that you two will cherish forever.

Alright, lovebirds, wrap up that picnic and put your love-struck selves in gear. The Eternal City has more love-stuffed spots waiting to sweep you off your feet! On we go!

Valentine’s Day in Rome – Starry-Eyed at Zodiaco

So, we’ve had our hearts serenaded by a view from Pincio, but who’s ready to up the ante? Fasten your seatbelts because Zodiaco is about to take romance to stellar heights – literally. This place is primo for cozying up with your main squeeze while looking at… even more unbelievable views. Hey, in Rome, can you really have too many? Nope.

Perched high atop Monte Mario, Zodiaco gives Pincio a solid run for its money. The locals call it the ‘viale del tramonto,’ which is a fancy way of saying ‘the avenue of sunset.’ And they’re not kidding. The sunsets here? They’re like a live painting session by Mother Nature herself, each day a new masterpiece – spoiler alert: they all end in standing ovations.

Here’s the deal: take your partner by the hand, buy a gelato or two (because… when in Rome) and stroll along the terrace. And don’t forget to play a little game I like to call “Spot the Landmark” – it’s just like Where’s Waldo but with ancient ruins and iconic domes.

If you’re feeling extra fancy, there’s a swanky bar nearby. They’ve got the kind of cocktails that are basically love potions mixed with a splash of Rome’s magic. Just sip on one of those and who knows? You might just find yourselves sharing life stories and dreams, all while Rome sparkles below you like a treasure chest full of golden memories.

Zodiaco is the real MVP here, scoring major romance points for the atmosphere. Trust me. By the time you leave, you’ll have that “we’ll always have Zodiaco” moment locked down. Ready for the next romantic escapade? Rome waits for no one!

Now, tie those laces, and let’s jaunt to our next love checkpoint. Lead the way!

Valentine’s Day in Rome – Giardino degli Aranci: Under the Canopy of Love

All this walking got your feet protesting? Well, my friends, it’s time for a sweet interlude at our next Valentine’s destination – the enchanting Giardino degli Aranci, or Orange Garden. Tucked on the Aventine Hill, this is a hideaway where feelings grow as lushly as the trees, standing row upon row.

Welcome, folks, to an oasis of tranquillity that features – you guessed it – orange trees. A lot of ‘em! But wait, this isn’t your everyday orchard. Step into the magical world of Giardino degli Aranci, and you’ll feel like you’ve gatecrashed a fairy tale!

The garden is neatly landscaped, and each pathway leads you to a new slice of paradise. Discovering those secret benches scattered around the park feels like uncovering hidden spots meant just for you and your valentine, each one offering a private nook amidst the leafy splendor.

And you thought Rome couldn’t get more romantic, huh?

Take your time. Wander lazily among the rows of neatly lined trees, the air filled with the citrus fragrance of love, basking in the dappled sunlight as it filters through the trees. Soak in the laid-back charm that makes the Giardino degli Aranci so special. It’s the kind of place where you can lose track of time, unraveling layers of conversations and sharing secret dreams with your bae under the fragrant canopy.

Oh, and here’s a pro tip for ya: Squeeze in a smidge of time to check out the spectacular view from the terrace. A breathtaking panorama of the city is just the cherry on top.

Now that you’ve had a breather and filled your lungs with the sweet scent of oranges (and love!), guess what – we’re just halfway through! Excited for the next romantic hotspots in Rome on Valentine’s Day? Let’s keep this love train moving, folks!

Valentine’s Day in Rome – Gianicolo: Love On Top

Ahoy, fellow vagabonds of love! Our next stop? Get ready to feel on top of the world – because we’re heading to the soul-stirring heights of Gianicolo or the Janiculum Hill. Do you think you’ve seen Rome? Hold my gelato, because the view from up here is a game changer!

It’s Rome, but not as you know it. Get this, from here, you can behold the romance of the city in all its glory, spread out beneath you like a love letter etched in stone and history. I’m talking 360-degree, panoramic, Instagram-blowing-up kind of views that’ll have your jaws dropping and your hearts a-thumping.

Prepare to enter a new dimension of amore as you gaze out at the awe-inspiring spectacle from one of Rome’s highest hilltops. Don’t mind the occasional cannon shot (yep, that’s a thing here), it’s just the city’s quirky way of saying, “Hey there, lovebirds! Enjoy the view!”

Pssst…want to ramp up the romance to 11? Let me let you in on a little secret: Gianicolo’s vista is a mandatory stop in the evening. As the sun sets, it casts a dreamy tangerine glow over the city. And believe me, as far as romantic settings go, this one is in a league of its own.

Show up, breathe deep, and let the golden hour magic of Gianicolo sweep you both off your feet. You might find yourselves whispering sweet nothings, dishing candid confessions, or just standing silent, hand in hand, in awe of the magnificence. Either way, it’s a memory bound to leave a mark.

Ready for more of Rome’s romantic indulgences? You betcha! Onto our next stop!

Valentine’s Day in Rome – Altare della Patria: Romance Level – Monumental

Zooming forward, dear love pilgrims, it’s time to show you a place that practically screams “Roman grandeur!” I present to you the indomitable Altare della Patria, or the Altar of the Fatherland. This mammoth-sized tribute to unity is a sight to behold.

Walking up to it, you can’t help but be wowed by its sheer size and the stunning vanishing-point steps. It’s like a stairway leading straight into the heart of the Roman sky. You don’t get much more ‘epic romance backdrop’ than that, do ya?

But hang on, the magic of this place doesn’t stop at the stairs. Venture further, and you’ll discover one heck of a rooftop terrace! A bit of a climb, but I promise the payoff is HUGE. You’ll be greeted by a sweeping view of Rome from a perspective that’s nothing short of royal. It’s a drop-dead gorgeous, I-can’t-believe-this-is-real kind of view!

I see you thinking, “But Mr. Rome Travel Tips, how do I make this experience even more romantic?” Well, my friends, let me whisper a strategy in your ear: time your visit right. Swing by just as the sun is going down for the most jaw-dropping sunset you’ve probably ever seen. The blush tones painting the Roman sky while the city lights sparkle to life – now that’s the kind of visual treat that can amp up the romance like nothing else.

Just imagine the awestruck expression on your Valentine’s face! Altare della Patria in all its glory, with the sun setting behind it – it’s the stuff of legends! You’ll be remembered as the mastermind of unforgettable dates, trust me.

Alright, brace yourselves, we’re on to our next amorous spot. Take a deep breath, and let’s roll!

Valentine’s Day in Rome – NH Fori Imperiali: Dinner with a View, and a Side of Amore

Next up, folks, we’re heading to a place where love isn’t just in the air; it’s on the plate! Feast your eyes (and your appetite) on the NH Fori Imperiali. I mean – literally, feast, ’cause it’s dinner time, baby!

This isn’t your typical dinner spot. Oh, no. We’re talking about the NH Fori Imperiali rooftop restaurant, where mouth-watering cuisine meets an awe-inspiring panorama. It’s like your senses decided to throw a party and guess what – you’re the guests of honor.

Here’s where you and your Valentine get to wine and dine in high style. The sight of the Roman skyline twinkling under the stars, the Colosseum illuminating in the background, all while you tuck into a scrumptious meal – it’s a dinner date straight out of a rom-com. But man, oh, man, the food! Authentic Italian cuisine is skillfully prepared and exquisitely presented. It’s a promise of bliss for your taste buds!

But here’s the cherry on top: time it right, and you might catch a beautiful sunset painting the sky with hues of love. It’s the perfect inspiration for some heart-to-heart conversation, you know?

So, let’s lift those glasses, toast to a blissful evening, and just bask in the shimmering glory of Rome under the stars. It’s memories like these that make Valentine’s Day in Rome truly unforgettable.

Well, amigos, one more stop, and our Valentine’s Day escapade will be complete. Ready to wrap it up on a high note? Let’s roll!

Valentine’s Day in Rome – Monte Ciocci: The Grand Finale of Love

Alright, my dear Rome-antics, we’ve reached the grand finale of our love-soaked journey through Rome. Where does the love boat drop anchor, you ask? It’s the hidden gem of Monte Ciocci, ladies and gents!

Now, I could tell you that going off the beaten path has its advantages, but in Monte Ciocci’s case, I’d say it’s more like striking gold in the love department. Perched on a verdant hill, overlooking the city, this spot is like stumbling upon a secret treasure.

Just follow my lead, step right up to the edge of this serene park, and prepare yourselves for some jaw-dropping views. In front of you lies a vast canvas of Rome’s cityscape, stretching all the way to St. Peter’s Basilica. It’s the kind of scenery that makes you feel like the hero and the heroine in an old-school cinema classic.

But want to know the best part, my fellow Casanovas? You’ll probably have this romantic haven almost all to yourselves! Monte Ciocci isn’t as well-known as the famous viewpoints, so it’s like your own little love-nest in the heart of Rome.

As day turns to night, and the city glows beneath a cosmic ballet, I say claim your spot in this haven and lay out a cozy picnic, popping open a bottle of your favorite bubbly. Then, raise a toast to love in its many forms and the memories you’ve made in Rome on this truly special day. Trust me when I say, Monte Ciocci is the perfect spot to wrap up a Valentine’s Day adventure you both will cherish forever.

And there you have it, my love-struck explorers! You’ve just conquered the ultimate Valentine’s Day in Rome. It’s been an absolute pleasure guiding you through the city’s most romantic spots, and I hope that the magic you’ve experienced will stay with you always. Until next time, or until you read another of our greatest Rome Travel Tips!

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