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Meet Pierdavide and Maria, your local guides to Rome. With a lifelong passion for our city's heritage, we've curated RomeTravelTips.com to offer you insider knowledge and safe, authentic Roman experiences.

Dive into our city's best-kept secrets and enjoy Rome like a true local.

Rome Travel Tips Founders at St. Peter's Basilica
Rome Travel Tips Founders at St. Peter's Basilica
Rome Travel Tips at the Colosseum

More About Us

Welcome to Rome Travel Tips, the passion project of two Rome-enthusiasts, Pierdavide and Maria.

Born and raised in the heart of Italy's eternal city, we have spent years exploring every nook and cranny of Rome, gathering a treasure trove of insights and experiences. Our journey began with a simple love for Rome's rich history, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine, which gradually evolved into a desire to share our insider knowledge with the world.

This website is our platform to guide, inspire, and assist fellow travelers in experiencing Rome not just as tourists, but as locals do. From hidden gems to popular hotspots, our tips and recommendations are designed to help you navigate the city with the ease and excitement of a Roman native.

Why we do this?

Why We Do This? Simply put, our love for Rome is as endless as the city's own history. We created Rome Travel Tips out of a desire to share our intimate knowledge of the city, ensuring travelers can experience Rome's enchanting streets, flavors, and secrets just as we do.
Our commitment extends to every recommendation we make—each hotel, tour, and restaurant has been personally tested and selected by us, Pierdavide and Maria. We believe in honesty and transparency, which is why we will only ever endorse products and services that truly capture the essence of Roman life and meet our high standards.

While we do earn through affiliate partnerships and advertising banners, it's crucial to understand that our earnings come at no extra cost to our readers. It's a common misconception, but the commissions we earn are paid by the sellers, not the buyers.
This model supports our ongoing mission to publish free, high-quality content, and to pre-test products, ensuring that you, the traveler, are only presented with the best of what Rome has to offer. Trust and quality are at the heart of our philosophy, guiding you safely and authentically through the Eternal City.