Best Tiramisu in Rome
Posted on February 7th, 2024
By Rome Travel Tips

Best Tiramisu in Rome

Join your local guide on a Tiramisu journey through Rome, discovering the best spots for this heavenly dessert. From Pompi to Roscioli Caffè, treat your taste buds to the Best Tiramisu in Rome!

Intro and Tiramisu History

Get ready to indulge, my friends, because we’re gonna explore Rome’s ultimate guilty pleasure – yes, I’m talking about the sinfully delicious Tiramisu. This time, our adventure will take us to the Best Tiramisu in Rome. Can you even imagine?! Buckle in, we’re in for a treat-filled ride!

But, just like any good story, we need to begin with a little backstory. Tiramisu goes way back (we’re talking centuries) to the Italian region of Veneto. In Italian, Tiramisu means “pick-me-up,” and the dessert itself is the embodiment of the phrase.

Its origins are a little hazy (much like the tipsy after-effects of indulging in it), but one thing we’re sure of is that it’s always been a people pleaser. Traditionally prepared with layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese, cocoa, and a sprinkle of magic, Tiramisu is a dessert that’s been passed down from generation to generation, and it’s only gotten better with time.

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Now that we’ve got some heartfelt Tiramisu history, let’s get to the scrumptious part! Since you’re reading an article about one of the best Italian desserts, I guess you may want to take a look at our Best Croissants in Rome article!

Best Tiramisu in Rome – Pompi

Our first stop ladies and gents? None other than Pompi, the self-titled “King of Tiramisu.” And this isn’t a title they adorn lightly. Stepping in, it’s like you have your one-way ticket to a Tiramisu wonderland. Be ready to be floored by the rich, creamy layers of Tiramisu decadence. My personal favorite? Their classic recipe – it’s just like mama used to make, if your mama was a world-class Italian pastry chef, that is. Definitely an undeniable contender for the Best Tiramisu in Rome.

Opening times: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Location: Via della Croce, 82

The unique thing about Pompi? They’ve experimented and reinvented Tiramisu in ways you couldn’t even imagine. Think strawberry Tiramisu. Sound criminal? It’s sinfully delicious. I challenge you – no, dare you – to visit Rome and not indulge in the “King’s” creamy creation. Trust me: this is stuff dreams are made of. Brace for a Tiramisu experience you’ll relish for a lifetime.

Best Tiramisu in Rome - Roscioli Caffè

Best Tiramisu in Rome – Casa & Bottega Roma

Next on our gastronomic adventure is Casa & Bottega Roma. Walking into this place immediately felt like coming home, as if home was this super cozy place where rivers of Tiramisu flowed. I mean, pull up a chair, and let’s dive headfirst into this dreamy creamy world, where every spoonful of Tiramisu is a celestial experience.

Opening times: 7:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Location: Via dei Coronari, 183

The whiff of fresh Mascarpone, that rich cocoa dusting, the fine layers of ladyfingers soaking up that coffee essence… Yes, my friends, this is Tiramisu land – where Casa & Bottega is king, queen, and jack. Their Tiramisu has a deliciously light consistency that’s just right – kind of like floating on a cloud, but a cloud made of Tiramisu! It’s seriously a contender for the Best Tiramisu in Rome.

I gotta confess. Sometimes I dream of the Tiramisu at Casa & Bottega, it’s that good. So, when you’re in Rome, make sure you wander over to Casa & Bottega. Your tastebuds will owe you one heck of a thank you.

Best Tiramisu in Rome - Casa & Bottega

Best Tiramisu in Rome – Two Sizes – Tiramisù in Rome

Alright, buckle up, because now we’re venturing into Two Sizes – a spot that’s literally reshaping the Tiramisu world one spoonful at a time. Their concept is simple yet brilliant: size matters. And we’re talking about the dessert, cheeky! Here, it’s not just “go big or go home,” it’s “go big, then go even bigger.”

Opening times: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Location: Via del Governo Vecchio, 88

At Two Sizes, they take “customizable” to a whole new level. Do you fancy a dash of fruit in your Tiramisu? Or maybe you’re a purist and yearn for the classic touch? They’ve got you covered. And let me tell you, every single forkful starts a party in your mouth, where the espresso and cocoa are definitely getting down! It’s like they have a secret Tiramisu amplification device; how else could it be this good?

Seriously, their Tiramisu sizes have become part of local folklore. Legends say that if you finish the larger size, you’ll be granted eternal happiness. Okay, no legend says that, but honestly, they should because it’s the kind of bliss I need eternally stashed in my pockets!

Best Tiramisu in Rome - Two Sizes - Tiramisù in Rome

Best Tiramisu in Rome – Il Falchetto

Next on our luscious tour, we pile into Il Falchetto, a veritable shrine to Tiramisu. No, seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a secret Tiramisu shrine tucked away somewhere! These folks serve up Tiramisu that’s so good that you might find yourself wanting to move in, seriously.

Opening times:11:30 am – 12:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Location: Via di Montecatini, 12

Their Tiramisu? It’s like they’ve taken a cloud, and sweetened it with a sprinkle of sugar, a dollop of Mascarpone, and a naughty whisper of coffee and cocoa. Okay, fanciful whims aside, Il Falchetto serves one of the best Tiramisu experiences you’ll ever encounter. It’s not just dessert; it’s a love letter to your taste buds.

Every visit to Il Falchetto is like unboxing a gift. You’re never quite sure if this experience will top the last one, but guess what? It ALWAYS does. And really, isn’t that a beautiful kind of culinary suspense?

Best Tiramisu in Rome - Il Falchetto

Best Tiramisu in Rome – Flavio al Velavevodetto

I hope you’ve saved some room because Flavio al Velavevodetto is coming for your dessert-devouring senses. This spot is the Superman of the Tiramisu world – modest on the outside, a superhero on the inside. Flavio al Velavevodetto is also in our Best Cacio e Pepe in Rome article!

Opening times: 12:30 PM – 3:00 PM and from 7:45 PM – 11:30 PM
Location: Via di Monte Testaccio, 97

You see, at Flavio’s, Tiramisu isn’t “just another dessert”, it’s THE dessert. Each serving is velvety smooth, incredibly rich, and palpably addictive. It’s like a song where every note hits just right. A tumble of texture, taste, and timeless joy.

It’s Tiramisu like you’ve never experienced before. That first spoonful feels like stepping off a plane into the sunlight of a long-awaited vacation. It’s instant good vibes. And, if I’ve got the stakes right here, it’s definitely a contender for the Best Tiramisu in Rome.

Best Tiramisu in Rome - Flavio al Velavevodetto

Best Tiramisu in Rome – Roscioli Caffè

Finally, we land at Roscioli Caffè, where Tiramisu isn’t just dessert; it’s a rite of passage. Picture perfect in every sense, their Tiramisus are born to be Instagram stars.

Opening times: 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Location: Piazza Benedetto Cairoli, 16

Now you’re probably thinking, “It’s just Tiramisu. How different can it be?” Oh, my friend, my, my, my, how wrong you are! At Roscioli, every Tiramisu is a luxury. The traditional recipe is dusted with a splash of liqueur, a delicious twist that hits the spot every time. Don’t believe me? Go on, take the leap!

It’s Tiramisu made to mesmerize, Tiramisu that whispers in Italian, luring your taste buds into pure dessert ecstasy. And of course, Roscioli makes the cut for the Best Tiramisu in Rome.

In a town that does Tiramisu the way Rome does, being the best isn’t just about melting the taste buds; it’s about stealing hearts. And trust me, Roscioli does it immaculately every time!
Remember, Roscioli isn’t just for Pizza, Roscioli is the best for everything!

Best Tiramisu in Rome - Roscioli Caffè


So, my friends, our fluffy Tiramisu journey has come to an end, but the sweet memories remain. We’ve traveled together through the twists and turns of Rome’s dessert wonderland and stumbled upon the finest Tiramisu offerings in town. From the monumental Pompi to the cozy embrace of Casa & Bottega, and our lovely surprises at Two Sizes, Il Falchetto, Flavio al Velavevodetto, and Roscioli Caffè — our taste buds went on one heck of a wild ride.

But honestly, isn’t that the spirit of Tiramisu? A dessert that unites us all in an unending quest for dessert nirvana. So, next time you’re in Rome, just remember, the Best Tiramisu in Rome is waiting for you, probably crooning like a long-lost friend, “Hey, let’s break some hearts and steal some taste buds, amore!”

And as you savor those sinfully delectable layers of espresso-soaked ladyfingers, creamy Mascarpone, and rich cocoa, remember that the Tiramisu is more than just a dessert; it’s the spirit of Rome, the taste of the eternal city, and a reason to come back for more.

As your trusty local guide, I hope I’ve been able to show you the true meaning of Tiramisu love with these insider tips. Now go on, seize the day, and spoil yourself with some luscious Tiramisu! After all, it’s practically a rite of passage in Rome. Buon appetito!

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