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Posted on May 12th, 2024
By Rome Travel Tips
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Posted on May 12th, 2024
By Rome Travel Tips
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Which Colosseum Ticket Should I buy? Updated MAY 2024

Here are a few tips on What Colosseum Ticket to buy. Whether you’re already informed or you’re completely new to this, I promise you will find this one helpful.

Hey there, fellow adventurer! Get ready to unlock the secrets of the Colosseum and make the most out of your Rome escapade. Buckle up because I’ve got you covered with the ultimate guide on which Colosseum ticket you should buy in advance. Let’s jump right in!

This article was updated in May 2024, therefore it takes into consideration the new Colosseum managing body and tickets.

Picture-Perfect Planning: Why Buying Colosseum Tickets in Advance Matters

Let’s face it, my friend. Waiting in long lines is about as fun as trying to navigate the streets of Rome during rush hour. And who wants to waste precious vacation time standing in the scorching sun? Not you, that’s for sure! Buying your tickets in advance is the ticket (pun intended) to skipping those pesky lines and getting right to the heart of the action.

Think about it, Rome is a mecca for travelers from around the globe. Imagine arriving at your dream destination only to discover that all the tickets are sold out. Heartbreaking, right? That’s why securing your tickets ahead of time is a wise move. No sold-out regrets for you!

Which Colosseum Ticket Should I Buy?

Welcome to the granddaddy of them all—the Colosseum! This ancient wonder will leave you in awe and wondering how they threw such legendary parties here. Here are the deets you need to know.

Before continuing, you should definitely check our “Is the Colosseum Underground worth it?” article!

Colosseum Opening times – Updated May 2024

Check out the opening hours ahead of time, as they can vary. And remember, the early bird gets the best photos and avoids the biggest crowds. Availability is limited, so don’t be fashionably late and risk missing out.

The Colosseum is open every day except for Christmas and January 1st.

From January 2nd to March 30th: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
From March 31st to September 30th: 8:30 AM – 7:15 PM
From October 1st to October 26th: 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM
From October 27th to December 31st: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

When are Colosseum tickets released?

Since May 2024, tickets have been released 30 days before. They’re released at the exact time of the entrance time (Italian time, CET). For example, tickets for the entrance of 9:45 AM on June 11th will be released on May 11th at 9:45 AM. This is valid for all kinds of Colosseum tickets except for Underground Tickets, which are released 30 days before the date at 8:45 AM Italian time (CET).

Where to buy Colosseum tickets?

First important lesson on Colosseum tickets: they’re so hard to get. Agencies, people, birds, and lions want to buy this – you’ll need to be fast to manage this.
DO NOT BUY TICKETS ON THE STREETS: this is valid for any ticket type. Do not trust anybody you find on the street, they’re mostly scammers or they’ll sell you tickets for triple the price.

On that note, the official Colosseum tickets website is  Go on reading to acknowledge which one of the 10+ kinds of tickets you need to buy.

Which Colosseum tickets should I buy?

Once you’re on the official website you will stressed and confused because you can not understand what to do. This is the first “Be an Italian for 5 minutes” experience you may have.
Here’s why you’re on Rome Travel Tips: because you need an Italian friend to tell you what to do in this case.

Since we love you guys and we do not want you to be stressed while in the Belpaese, here’s a list of the Colosseum tickets that are available at the moment, with all their inclusions (you’re welcome!).

Once landed on this page, the first thing to do is choose between these 4 options:

  • Guided Tours: This is what you need to click if you’re looking for an official tour of the Colosseum Underground or Domus Aurea. We’re going to explain this further below.
  • Individuals: These are normal tickets, no guided tours. This is for those who want to visit the Archaeological Park at their own pace. Max 8 people per purchase.
  • Groups: This is for those who like traveling in medium/large groups – they’re just tickets, but this is for a minimum 9 people per purchase (MAX 25 people).
  • Schools: This one is for schools – you’re a student? No, this is not for you – this ticket is meant to be booked only for school groups (minimum 9 people).

Below, you’ll find details for each option.

Colosseum Tickets – Official Guided Tours

As explained above, these are tickets for those who are looking to purchase an Official Colosseum Underground Tour or an Official Domus Aurea Tour – until now they are available only in English and Italian.

  • Full Experience – Underground Levels and Arena – Guided Tour – 32€/person – 10€ for people between 18-25 of the European Community – 8€ for under 18s. This one includes an official guided group tour of the Colosseum’s Underground – It also includes access to the Arena, 1st and 2nd tier of the Colosseum (NO ATTIC!), Roman Forum (SUPER Sites) and Palatine Hill. The guided tour is to be intended only for the Underground part!

  • Domus Aurea – Guided Tour – 26€/person – 10€ for people between 18-25 of the European Community – 8€ for under 18s. This one includes ONLY an official guided group tour of the Domus Aurea – this one won’t give access to the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill! Available only during weekends.

Colosseum Tickets – Individuals

These are the tickets most of you are looking for: just normal tickets, no guides.

  • 24h – Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill – 18€/person – 2€ for people between 18-25 of the European Community – free for under 18s.
    This includes access to His Majesty the Colosseum (no arena, no underground, no attic, no guide), Roman Forum (“normal” areas), and Palatine Hill (“normal” areas). Just the basic version of the ticket, 1st and 2nd floor of the Colosseum.
    You can access the Colosseum 15 minutes before or then the entrance time on the ticket, and you can access the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill within the next 24 hours.
  • Full Experience Ticket with Entry to the Attic of the Colosseum – 24€/person – 2€ for people between 18-25 of the European Community – free for under 18s.
    Even though it says “Full Experience”, it doesn’t give you access to the Arena or Underground. You’ll have access to SUPER sites at the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill – These areas are open only to those who have purchased more expensive tickets – you can access these within 48 hours from its first use.
    This is the one you should get. This won’t give you access to the Arena or the Underground, but it will take you high in the sky. You’ll see Rome from the Colosseum’s point of view. Trust a local!

  • Full Experience – Underground Levels and Arena – 24€/person – 2€ for people between 18-25 of the European Community – free for under 18s.
    Hey you! I know you were looking for this one! Basically, this one gives you access to everything except for the Attic. This one’s not a guided tour.

  • Full Experience Tickets with Entry to the Arena of the Colosseum – 24€/person – 2€ for people between 18-25 of the European Community – free for under 18s.
    The arena tickets give you access to all the sites of the normal ticket, plus (obviously) the arena, and also S.U.P.E.R. sites into the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. This tickets does not give you access to the Underground levels.

  • Arena 24H – This one is a new ticket, introduced by the new managing body of the Colosseum. 18€/person – 2€ for people between 18-25 of the European Community – free for under 18s.
    This one gives you access to the Colosseum’s Arena only (and of course SUPER sites into the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill). You will access the Colosseum from a separate entrance, which most of the time has shorter lines. You can wander into the Arena for only 20 minutes, no more than that. Here’s a little secret that only Rome Travel Tips will give you: with this ticket, you can wander anywhere you want (except for the Undergrounds) and you can stay all the time you want – at least for now. Since this one’s a new ticket, no rules are live at the moment.
  • Super Forum Pass – 18€/person – 2€ for people between 18-25 of the European Community – free for under 18s – this one is for those who don’t want to get inside the Colosseum – it gives you access only to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill SUPER areas.

Colosseum Tickets – Groups

Don’t need further details here – you’re going to find the same types of tickets here, but these are meant for groups starting from 9 people.


How do I redeem my free Colosseum ticket?

Here’s another FAQ. Colosseum’s website is not clear about this, but I’m here to help you!

As you probably know, under 18s do not pay for some of the tickets listed above (read carefully!). Now you may say “I can not find them on the website linked!” – the reason is because they’re not bookable online.

All you have to do is go to the Colosseum entrance, show your adult tickets, and tell the staff you’re traveling with an under-18.  They will guide you to the cash register where you will redeem your free tickets.

What should I do if Colosseum tickets are sold out on CoopCulture?

Well, if you read carefully the ticket release process and tickets are actually sold out, you do not have many chances. Do not even hope for tickets to be magically released (they won’t) again.
You can just try with resellers. I know you do not want to pay triple the price for it, that’s why I searched out the best resellers for you.

Here are a few tries you can give if Colosseum tickets are sold out on the official website.

General tips from Locals

Here are a few tips we can give you, maybe this will help to let you live the Colosseum as a local.

  • Do not purchase tickets on the streets – they will scam you or sell you tickets at triple the price
  • During summer, always bring water – the Colosseum is under the sun all year long and it could be very hot!
  • Unlikely the Vatican Museums, the Colosseum does not have a dress code – free those shoulders and knees!
  • If you did not manage to get a ticket and want to try to get in line – you’re welcome to do it, but be aware that you could be waiting in line for hours, under the sun.
  • Do not buy anything from anyone!  No water, no bracelets, no tickets, nothing!
  • Always be aware of your pockets! Pickpockets are waiting for distracted tourists. Do not make their lives even easier!
  • Last, but absolutely not least: DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING YOU SEE INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE COLOSSEUM! Be respectful to it and to Italians. Do not touch, sit, write or whatever comes to your mind when you’re there. All you’re allowed to do is watch, learn, listen, and be stunned. If I wasn’t persuasive enough, there are huge fines and (in some cases) years of prison for those who are disrespectful. You’ve been warned!


Here are all of our tips. Read them, learn them, share them. We’re pretty sure these will help you choose the best Colosseum ticket, the one that will create lasting memories and will let you say: “Thanks a lot, Rome Travel Tips!”.

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